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AM-Touch Dental: Nitrident Stretch Exam Gloves
Posted by AM-Touch, 2/28/2011 08:35:06 AM
Nitrident Stretch
An Official AM-Touch Dental Brand Product
What does it mean to be a Nitrident Stretch glove?

It means…
• Powder-free, synthetic rubber with no natural latex proteins
• Comfortable, cool, dry, and precise fit
• High abrasion and puncture resistance
• Better stress relaxation than any non-latex glove
• Light peppermint scent

The bottom line is…
The Nitrident Stretch glove is the best latex alternative, providing superior comfort, an unbeatable fit, maximum durability, and excellent tactile sensitivity!

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Category: Gloves
Softi Lite Ear Loop Face Masks: 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Them!
Posted by AM-Touch, 2/23/2011 02:52:14 PM
AM-Touch Dental
Softi-Lite Ear Loop Face Masks

On and off. On and off. On and off. That's what you do all day with your face masks. A new patient calls for a new mask. When you use something so frequently, especially when its on your face, quality and comfort really matter. That's why AM-Touch Dental made Softi-Lite Ear Loop Face Masks! Here's 3 reasons why you'll love them!

1. They're comfortable and breathable!

2. They're extremely fluid-resistant! (Who wants icky dental procedure splatter all over their face?)

3. They're soft and light...its in the name!

...and not to mention, they're 100% latex-free!

*Available in Blue, Pink, and Lavender!

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Category: Infection Control
3M ESPE Dental - Imprint 3 VPS Impression Material
Posted by AM-Touch, 2/23/2011 10:17:09 AM
3M ESPE Dental
Imprint 3 VPS Impression Material

• Resists distortion better than other leading VPS materials.
• More wettable than leading VPS brands.

• Resists tearing better than most leading brands
• Combines the high viscosity of a true putty – and the convenience of automatic mixing

• Thermally active formula accelerates setting time without reducing the oral working time

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Category: Impression Materials
Crosstex - Saliva Ejectors
Posted by AM-Touch, 2/23/2011 10:05:30 AM
Advantage Saliva Ejectors
(made for AM-Touch Dental)

• Provides optimal suction without aspirating tissue.

• Soft, non-removable tip - bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety.

• Wire-reinforced tube forms and maintains any desired shape.

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Category: Evacuation Products
Denticator - Zooby Prophy Paste
Posted by AM-Touch, 2/23/2011 09:54:52 AM

Zooby Prophy Paste

• Features an optimal formulation of abrasives and adhesive properties designed for low splatterand great stain removal

• Contains xylitol and 1.23% fluoride!

• Kid-friendly!

• Every bag of paste contains a special autoclavable Zooby Animal prophy paste gripper with awide base, which allows the clinician to hold the paste cup with ease. The animal grips include a Turtle, Hippo and Gator.

*Available in six delicious gluten-free flavors available in fine, medium and coarse grits, which can be purchased separately or in an assortment pack.

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