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Developed using proprietary prismatic nanofillers, ZONEfree by DUX Dental has dentists nationwide choosing to be Free!  

So what exactly is ZONEfree and what does it have to offer? … 
ZONEfree is a zinc oxide non-eugenol temporary cement that gives you effortless clean-up and unsurpassed ease of removal. This translucent temporary cement has color adjustment potential to blend with any adjacent surface making it a perfect choice for all your temporary cementing needs.  The breakthrough technology combined with ideal strength makes ZONEfree a universal temporary cement that you can use with confidence.

Key Benefits: 
  • Translucent 
  • Effortless clean-up
  • Set time of 2 minutes without a curing light
  • Beautiful esthetic results 
  • Ideal retention and strength 
  • Available as a 4g automix syringe and 15g dual barrel syringe
See what AM-Touch’s client Dr. Pearl Zadeh has to say about DUX ZONEfree in this video here.
As if her words aren’t enough, AM-Touch is excited to offer Special Savings on ZONEfree.
Deal 1: 10% off retail price on 4gm Automix Syringe, $42.25
Valid: February 24 – 28, 2014
Great Because: it’s a low risk way to try a new product, or a way to save some money on a product you already know and love 
Deal 2: Buy 1 15gm Dual Barrel Syringe, Get 1 FREE!
Valid: January 1 – March 31, 2014
Great Because: 1+1!! If you’re already on board with ZONEfree, then you can double down on the higher volume syringe and get two for the price of one.  
Call your AM-Touch Account Manager and choose to be free today - Choose ZONEfree.

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