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"Don't Get Stuck Without It"

If you’re anything like me or treat patients like me, needles in and around the mouth can be a terrifying, yet necessary thing – unless you’re using Oraqix! 

Oraqix by Dentsply Pharmaceutical is an effective needle-free alternative for patients that require anesthesia during scaling and/or root planing procedures. I can’t tell you what a relief I felt when I learned about Oraqix. Since it is a subgingival anesthetic, Oraqix can even be used on Class 5 composite procedures. With such a quick onset and needle-less approach, Oraqix is a truly a unique product that has been well received by patients and doctors alike. Some of its features and benefits include:

  • No Injection 
  • Quick, 30-second onset
  • Can be applied to one or several periodontal pockets
  • Reapply up to 5 cartridges if needed
  • FDA approved

This week, AM-Touch is excited to offer some Sweet Deals on Oraqix. Check it out below: 

Deal 1: 10% off Oraqix
Valid: June 9 – June 13, 2014
Great Because: you’re saving money and getting a great product. 

Deal 2: Buy 3 Boxes of Oraqix, Get a $35 Rebate
Valid: Now– September 30, 2014
Great Because: who doesn’t like cash back? 

"Don’t get stuck without it" and call your Account Manager today to learn more and save some dough! 


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