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Four Presidential Teeth Facts for the 4th of July

Presidents have been an important part of our democracy ever since the first election in 1789. This Fourth of July, celebrate your independence and impress your friends and family with these four little-known presidential teeth facts.

The truth about George Washington’s teeth

You probably know that George Washington didn’t really have wooden dentures. They were actually made from elephant ivory and hippopotamus tusk – we’ve come a long way. But did you know the first president performed his own teeth extractions? Ouch. Do not try that at home.

Brush twice a day and remember me

President’s often express their friendship and respect with gifts. Friends of Lyndon B. Johnson are known to have received electronic tooth brushes, complete with the Presidential Seal. Why toothbrushes? “I want people to think of me right away when they wake up and right before they go to bed,” said Johnson.

Ask what your teeth can do for you…

You should never use your teeth as tools, but in this case, we think it’s definitely okay. John F. Kennedy’s first mission during WWII did not go well. While on patrol in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, his boat was destroyed. One of his crewmen was badly injured and unable to swim or even float. With heroic effort, JFK swam for five hours towing the crewman to safety, using only his teeth.

Close to home and work

It’s very convenient to have your dental office near your home or work, but how about near both places? In the early 1930s, President Herbert Hoover set up the first dental office in the White House. Located in the subbasement, the rudimentary office was used for quick and private presidential dental work. The original office was little more than a dentist chair. Today it is as modern as any other dental office.

Happy Independence Day!

We hope you have a safe and fun-filled Fourth of July.  We look forward to hearing all about it when we see you next!


Source: http://www.mymeritdental.com

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