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Crosstex DentaPure is Rocket Science!


Introducing DentaPure!

Technology Developed for Space Utilized to Treat Dental Unit Waterlines. 

Crosstex DentaPure’s advanced technology cartridge provides continuous treatment for one year.


Managing the maintenance and compliance protocols for dental unit waterlines can be confusing, time consuming and costly. The CDC recommends that the number of bacteria in the water used for non-surgical procedures should be no higher than 500 colony-forming units (CFU/mL).  The ADA recommends 200 CFU/mL, and safe drinking water is not to exceed 500 CFU/mL.  Research has demonstrated that if left untreated dental unit waterlines will unlikely meet these standards. 

Crosstex DentaPure, a leader in dental unit waterline treatment, provides a solution to the hassle of complicated protocols with a simple-to-use cartridge that will last for an entire year. The single cartridge, available for municipal and bottle systems, is a complete system that is easily installed on any dental unit. DentaPure’s protocol is simple, no tablets, no shocking and no distilled water; simply install the cartridge on your dental unit.  DentaPure dramatically reduces human interaction, making it a reliable, cost effective solution to treat dental unit waterlines for an entire year.

Crosstex DentaPure is Rocket Science!

DentaPure’s technology was developed for NASA to ensure water consumed in space is free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms. EPA registered as antimicrobial, DentaPure will meet and exceed State and Federal water quality standards.  The cartridge contains iodinated resin beads; these beads elute 2-4 ppm of iodine as water passes through the resin matrix killing bacteria. The isotopic iodine, I2, in DentaPure contains no proteins eliminating the risk of allergic reaction.  DentaPure treats dental unit waterlines from the first day of installation for the life of the cartridge, reducing harmful bacteria exposure to patients and staff. The cartridge is free of hazardous chemicals making it safe for the environment, once the cartridge is depleted, simply remove the cartridge and replace with a new one. Dental unit waterline compliance has never been easier, Crosstex DentaPure will remind you when it is time to replace your cartridge.


Key Benefit Summary of DentaPure:

-       Iodinated Resin-Bead Technology developed for space – it is Rocket Science

-       No complicated, costly protocols – simply install the cartridge

-       It is effective, reliable and safe to use

-       Simple and easy to install

-       Meets and exceeds CDC and ADA standards for dental unit waterlines.

Watch the video HERE!

Visit www.DentaPure.com for more information!

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