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A Great Start To The New Year

January will be forever linked in our minds to new beginnings. The New Year offers a time of reevaluation, recommitment and refocus. 

At AM-Touch Dental, we think that January is a wonderful time to talk about how we can better serve you in 2013. We’ve got a few ideas about how AM-Touch Dental can help you work better in the days and months ahead. 

Automate the essentials: Some of our savviest clients set up standing orders to help make sure their essential items always go out at designated intervals. It’s an automated system, so you simply build a recurring order with your AM-Touch Account Manager and tell us which days you want it to ship. Your items will show up regularly, and you’ll only have to phone in the intermittent portion of your order. The time you save placing orders can be spent with patients! 

Let’s talk new items: By now you know how serious we take your business. Are there any additional items your office is using, or would like to use? Your Account Manager has a tremendous number of tools at their disposal to research products and provide incredible savings. All you have to do is ask! One conversation could start 2013 right; by putting money back in your pocket. 

Utilize the Book of Free Stuff: Most of our clients have got this down, but if you’re new, be sure to save the 24-page Book of Free Stuff that comes with every order. We create this publication to highlight the best free goods promotions available each quarter. Take advantage of free goods to help lower your net cost. The book has hundreds of promotions for a quick and definitive guide that will ensure you’re stretching every dollar as far as possible. 

That’s just the beginning; your AM-Touch Dental Account Manager is always available to help streamline your business and provide value in any way possible. 

Have a happy New Year! 

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