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Given the current limitation on face mask supply globally due to the Coronavirus outbreak, face masks will be sold only to dental professionals, including our existing and any new customers, and in limited quantities, which will be determined at the time of sale. Subject to change based on availability.

Biotrol Opti-Cide 3 Disinfectant

Biotrol Opti-Cide 3 Disinfectant
Opti-Cide3® is a ready-to-use cleaner that provides broad spectrum disinfection. Created especially for dental facilities, this fast-acting formula will protect you, your patients and your operatory. Opti-Cide3® is effective against TB in 3 minutes.
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Buy 12 - 24oz Opti-Cide3, Get 2 Canisters Opti-Cide3 Wipes Free
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Buy 12 Canisters Opti-Cide3 Wipes, Get 2 Canisters Free
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Buy 2 - 1 Gallon Opti-Cide3, Get 1 Canister Opti-Cide3 WipesFree
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Buy 2 - 2.5 Gallon Opti-Cide3 with Spigot, Get 1 Gallon Free
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BIO-DOCS12-024 1 24 oz Spray
$15.50 $13.95
BIO-DOCW06-100T 1 Canister w/100 Large Wipes
$16.53 $14.88
BIO-DOCP04-128 1 Gallon Pour Bottle
$39.01 $35.11
BIO-DOCW06-100 6 Canister w/100 Large Wipes
$189.21 $170.29
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