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Biotrol Opti-Cide 3 Disinfectant

Biotrol Opti-Cide 3 Disinfectant
Opti-Cide3® is a ready-to-use cleaner that provides broad spectrum disinfection. Created especially for dental facilities, this fast-acting formula will protect you, your patients and your operatory. Opti-Cide3® is effective against TB in 3 minutes.
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Buy 12 - 24oz Opti-Cide3, Get 2 Canisters Opti-Cide3 Wipes (DOCW06-100) FREE!
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Buy 12 Opticide3 Wipes Canisters, Get 2 FREE
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Buy 2 1-Gallons of Opticide 3, Get 1 Canister of Opticide3 Wipes FREE (BIO-DOCW06-100)
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Buy 2 2.5 Gallons of Opti-Cide3, Get 1 Gallon (BIO-DOCP04-128) FREE
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BIO-DOCS12-024 1 24 oz Spray
$14.51 $13.06
BIO-DOCW06-100T 1 Canister w/100 Large Wipes
$14.99 $13.49
BIO-DOCP04-128 1 Gallon Pour Bottle
$36.54 $32.89
BIO-DOCW06-100 6 Canister w/100 Large Wipes
$88.62 $79.76
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