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Alpen Speedster Zr Plus Diamond Burs

Alpen Speedster Zr Plus Diamond Burs
Alpen® Speedster™ Zr Plus is a specialty diamond bur designed to simplify procedures involving Zirconia, Alumina & Porcelain. The uniformly-layered, synthetic diamond coating reduces the risk of chipping or micro-fracturing and provides increased surface contact due to fine and extra fine layering of diamonds enabling precise cutting. Reduces procedure time for Zirconia crown & bridge removal and adjustment. Sold in packs of 5, available in friction grip (FG).
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SKU: Qty Shape Size Grit Price Quantity
WDT-RZ390F018FG 5 Football #390-018 Fine
$64.39 $57.95
WDT-RZ801F022FG 5 Round #801-022 Fine
$64.39 $57.95
WDT-RZ856F018FG 5 Round End Taper #856-018 Fine
$64.39 $57.95
WDT-RZ856F025FG 5 Round End Taper #856-025 Fine
$64.39 $57.95
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