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**Important Notice** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing unprecedented demand for infection control products and are unable to sell affected products to non-dental practices. Amtouch has also modified some of its policies and established order limits on certain products.

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Dentsply Regisil VPS Bite Registration

Dentsply Regisil VPS Bite Registration
Accuracy you can depend on. Regisil Vinyl Polysiloxane Bite Registration Material's dimensionally stable VPS means an accurate bite record assuring minimal adjustment to crown and bridge work. Since it is not a polyether, Regisil Bite Registration Material is not affected by moisture. Impressions remain accurate up to two weeks. Excellent readability. The vivid color of Regisil Bite Registration Material gives a sharp image of even the most minute detail. This detailed surface duplication allows precision setting on patient models. Improved patient comfort. The flexibility and resilience of Regisil Bite Registration Material eliminates the need to block out undercuts. This reduces both patient trauma and the time needed to take the bite record. The unpleasant odor and taste associated with other materials are removed.
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CAU-619130 1 Regisil Standard Pack Tubes
$98.94 $89.05
CAU-619451 12 Regisil Micro Tip Refill -
$24.90 $22.41
CAU-619420 4 Regisil Intro Kit Cartridge
$222.85 $200.57
CAU-619425 4 Regisil Refill Cartridge
$155.50 $139.95
CAU-619021 50 Regisil Digit Refill Digit
$217.40 $195.66
CAU-619101 6 Regisil Empty Syringes -
$52.35 $47.12
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