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**Important Notice** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing unprecedented demand for infection control products and are unable to sell affected products to non-dental practices. Amtouch has also modified some of its policies and established order limits on certain products.

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Keystone Lab Rotary Brushes

You can use the Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite™ wheel to polish surfaces without ruining delicate anatomical surfaces on dental appliances. By using low speeds – around 5,000 rpm – and light pressure the acrylic should not overheat due to friction. These brushes come in coarse, medium and fine to let you control the type of polishing finish you need. Abbott Robinson Brushes are classic, high quality natural mounted bristle brushes. The brushes are ideal for cleaning and polishing of denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and for general laboratory polishing applications. The durable design features permanently attached bristles for improved performance and extended life without flaring.
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1170031 12 Abbott Robinson #12 Soft
$15.95 $14.36
1670016 12 Hatho Mini Scotch Brite Coarse HP
$26.60 $23.94
1670091 12 Hatho Mini Scotch Brite Fine HP
$26.60 $23.94
1670092 12 Hatho Mini Scotch Brite Medium HP
$26.60 $23.94
1170030 144 Abbott Robinson #12 Soft
$137.25 $123.53
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