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**Important Notice** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing unprecedented demand for infection control products and are unable to sell affected products to non-dental practices. Amtouch has also modified some of its policies and established order limits on certain products.

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Rinn Prophy Brushes

Rinn Prophy Brushes
For polishing and removal of heavy stains. Available standard or pointed in popular mounting styles, and in soft or stiff bristle horse hair and nylon. Made of fine bristle and assembled to prevent the possibility of pulling out bristles. Supplied in Screw Type, Right Angle or Straight Handpiece.
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SKU: Qty Mount Shape Rigidity Color Price Quantity
RIN-C100705 144 HP Standard Stiff Black
$122.82 $110.54
C100205 144 R/A Standard Stiff Black
$115.34 $103.81
RIN-C100240 144 RA Pointed Nylon Black
$188.35 $169.52
DSP-C100225 144 RA Pointed Stiff Black
$148.75 $133.88
RIN-C100215 144 RA Standard Soft Black
$127.48 $114.73
RIN-C100210 144 RA Standard Stiff White
$127.48 $114.73
RIN-C100040 144 Screw Type Pointed Nylon Black
$176.65 $158.99
RIN-C100030 144 Screw Type Pointed Soft Black
$176.65 $158.99
RIN-C100025 144 Screw Type Pointed Stiff Black
$176.65 $158.99
RIN-C100015 144 Screw Type Standard Soft Black
$104.10 $93.69
RIN-C100005 144 Screw Type Standard Stiff Black
$104.10 $93.69
DSP-C10-0005 144 Screw-Type Standard Stiff Black
$73.91 $66.52
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